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Admission arrangements

Admissions to Taunton Deane Partnership College are made by referrals to the Panel for Excluded and Vulnerable Pupils (PEVP).  The panel considers referrals from schools for pupils who have been permanently excluded or are at risk or permanent exclusion.  Referrals for pupils with medical needs are made by their school, with supporting evidence from CAMHS or a consultant paediatrician.


The Panel is chaired by Somerset County Council's Access and Admissions Manager and is made up of representatives from local schools and other support services, together with the Area Casework Officer and the TDPC Headteacher and Heads of Centre. The panel makes all decisions about admission to Taunton Deane Partnership College and ensures equality of access across schools, whilst responding to the needs of individual children and fulfilling the Local Authority’s statutory responsibilities.

The main legislation and statutory guidance covering the duties and powers relating to these issues:

The School Admissions Code 2012

Alternative Provision: Statutory guidance for local authorities

Ensuring a good education for children who cannot attend school because of health needs: statutory guidance for local authorities

Exclusion from maintained schools, Academies and pupil referral units in England: A guide for those with legal responsibilities in relation to exclusion
The Somerset Local Offer