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KS1/2 – Class based learning 



The purpose of learning in this space is to deliver a curriculum that is accessible and relevant to needs of the individual.  Each student will be at a different place on this journey and so all planning is individualised, with a particular focus on SEMH needs, but having the National Curriculum at it’s heart.  The aim is for all students to be able to better recognise and manage their emotions, to build resilience and self confidence so that they are prepared for next steps in their learning journey. 



Each student has a personalise plan to address need.  The majority of students will be based at DDC, but will have enrichment and possible AP to address specific needs.  Most students have a EHCP, so the programme is led by the provision that is outlined in this plan.  The provision is led by specialised primary teachers alongside skilled HLTA’s and TA’s who support in the classroom, and in the delivery of targeted intervention.  Students work in small groups in the classroom and out on Outdoor Learning and then 1:1 for intervention.  Supporting them at the centre is a pastoral lead who leads on the pastoral care of all students and works closely with parents/carers and other professionals to ensure that there is a holistic approach to the DDC experience.   



  • Students will be able to attend full time and engage with their experience 

  • Students will be able to read and acquire basic maths skills 

  • Students will feel safe and will be able to take risks with their learning and activities 

  • Students will develop socially so they are able to manage in groups  



content awaited


At DDC students have daily phonics (Twinkle) and Reading  

SEMH is based on ELSA 

All students swim and experience outdoor learning.