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Working in partnership with our schools



Our key stage 3 students come to us as short term.  Most have been permanently excluded from schools, some may be Hard to Place or may be out of school for a period of time due to medical reasons.  The aim is to assess, collate information from previous schools and then put in a short term curriculum which will support them into next steps.  For all of them it is about building resilience in a school environment, so that they can access education more successfully.   



Our Key Stage 3 curriculum consists of core lessons that will be experienced in mainstream school.  These are based on the National Curriculum.  Alongside this there are opportunities to develop confidence and resilience.  Experiences outside of the conventional classroom such as Outdoor Education, Workshop, Cooking and SEMH lessons where skills necessary to reintegrate into mainstream are further developed.   



The intention for all these students is always to prepare them for next steps.  This may be another mainstream school which is identified through allocations or SEN panel, or it may be a special school.  Part of the curriculum is to ensure that a clear and supportive transition plan is in place to enable this return.