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Northfields Education Centre

About our centre

Northfields Education Centre supports students at Key Stage 3 who have social, emotional, medical and/or mental health needs.  Students are referred to Northfields via the Permanently Excluded and Vulnerable Pupils Panel (PEVP).  Students who attend Northfields continue to be supported by either CAMHS or the Medical Professional who supported the initial application to Northfields.  All students at Northfields are dual registered with their mainstream school, as the aim is for students to return where possible and certainly to retain links. 

What our pupils say


"Friendly, approachable staff"


"Relaxed, safe learning environment"


"The teachers gave me really good support during my exams.  They have really made my life better because they help no matter what it is"


"I felt really comfortable at Northfields"



What our parents say


"Our child was comfortable going in every day, and totally changed for the positive"


"The communication between us and school was second to none"


"The level of support we have received through some very difficult times has been exceptional.  The smiling faces and the 'nothing is too much' attitude has been so welcome and needed.  Through all this the standard of teaching and learning has been exceptional"

Our Contact Details 


Northfields Education Centre


Bishops Hull




Telephone number: 01823 349338