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Beliefs, Values and Aims

Our Beliefs, Values and Aims


The TDPC Management Committee and staff share the following beliefs and values:


Our students have the resilience and capability to be the architects of their futures.


Our students are supported to be as healthy and secure as possible; our staff work holistically to maximise the educational life chances of our students.


Our staff work within a professional learning community, through partnership, to secure the capacity for sustainable progress.


Our staff work to offer high quality learning that is accessible and to ensure our students are able to successfully engage in the most appropriate education provision.



As a consequence, we aim to ensure that our students, whether on or off roll: 


Attend and engage with their provision. 


Enjoy the curriculum available and are proud of their skills. 


Feel happier when they are working with others. 


Feel confident when moving on or returning to their school, college, apprenticeship or job.