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Secondary Curriculum

Our secondary curriculum is built on personalised programmes centred around three pathways. Students can have elements from either pathway and can move between them.  On arrival at TDPC, students are assessed as part of a 2 week induction programme.  Pathway planning is informed by contextual information from previous setting, student assessment data and student voice. Students can discuss their pathway informally in tutor sessions each week. A formal review takes place every half term using a Team around the Child (TAC) approach ensuring that parents and involved Professionals join. Termly reviews mean that whether on a short term or long term plan, the programme is always updated with meeting need at its heart.  Careers, planning for next steps and RSHE are a key part of all the pathways. 

The pathways are: 

  • Aspire
  • Re-engage 
  • Online 



This pathway is for students that can manage classroom-based learning.  The groups are small meaning more individualised support; each room has breakout/space options, so students are fully supported to be able to make progress.  Timetables will be based on subjects/activities that the students is able to engage with, and will include core subjects, vocational lessons and enrichment.  The accreditation is also personalised for the student and their ability.  The lessons and the level of accreditation will be reviewed as part of the review process so that the student always has support and choice about their offer, which is realistic based on past experiences, next steps and ability to engage with learning.   



Our re-engage curriculum is designed as the name implies for students who have struggled to manage classroom-based learning and require further support to settle them into their programme. The programme may last for a short period of time with the aim to return to classes, or it may last for longer where the next steps are post-16 planning.  The programme consists of bitesized opportunities for core learning and accreditation (e.g. Asdan projects) alongside lifeskills, vocational opportunities and enrichment. The main outcomes on this programme are next steps and SEMH targets. 



The online programme is a teaching programme based on Google classrooms. Students have lessons taught by specialists in both their subject and use of the online platform. Students are able to do this as a stand-alone programme offering education every day, or they are able to have it as part of a package that incorporates the other 2 pathways. All online students have face to face visits as part of the package.  


See the KS3/4 curriculum map and the links below to explore our curriculum in more detail.