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Advice, guidance, outreach, training and centre based

As well as statutory work (medical and permanently excluded students), TDPC work closely with all local schools in a partnership capacity.  This means working with students and staff to further support inclusion and reduce exclusion. 


This is overseen by the Emotional Health and Wellbeing board.  The board consists of local heads from mainstream and Special Schools, Local Authority representatives along with leads from the police, violence reduction unit, Mental Health support teams, SEND team and TAS coordinator.   It meets termly to look at what the local issues are and how we can all work together to improve inclusion. The aim of the board is to have a strategic approach that means schools know where to access information as well as support and guidance.


The iThrive diagram illustrates the TDPC support available in partnership with mainstream schools and demonstrates the layered approach usually beginning with advice and guidance before access to other resources.



“We function best in the context of ‘felt safety’ and in relationship with other people. Attuned and responsive other people.” Louise Bomber (2020)


The Partnership Team at TDPC are committed to supporting mainstream schools in developing inclusive practice for SEMH to ensure that young people are able to remain successfully in their school place. We believe firmly in the importance of robust, supportive relationships from the Professionals working around and directly with a student. We offer advice and guidance to schools including: discussion at Team Around the School, TDPC attendance at school/Multi-Professionals meeting and observation of a student in school.

We offer Play Therapy which can be accessed by completing the referral form on this page.


Team 4 work with students (predominantly years 9-11) who are at risk of Permanent Exclusion. Their role is to build relationships, support with specific issues in and out of education as advised by school and as part of the team enabling the student to reconnect with their education. Team 4 support is accessed by direct referral to them (form on this page). Each secondary school meets every term with Ali Keirle to discuss student need.


All other TDPC Partnership work is offered following the school completing a TDPC Request for Involvement (form on this page). We have a range of support that can be offered through a Partnership Plan in an Outreach capacity at the mainstream school. These include: Theraplay, Lego Therapy group, TDPC attendance in school to work with staff team and student, Thrive/Boxall assessment/support, use of Solution Circle/PATH to plan next steps/support thinking around a student’s needs, Peer Connect project (to strengthen peer group around student) and Outdoor Education.


We are developing our group Outreach offer to schools to ensure that we are able to support more students. This includes heART Space (therapeutic art), group Outdoor Education and KS2-3 Transition support. All of our Partnership work is subject to our staffing availability.


The Partnership Team (including TDPC Centres Leads, our SENCo and Deputy Head) meet fortnightly and review the young people that we have Partnership Plans in place for as well as discussing new Requests for Involvement and training requests from schools. This ensures a cohesive approach and that TDPC staff understand the needs of students in our schools.


Finally, for a small number of students, Partnership work may lead to a TDPC Partnership Place at one of our Centres. This is the final stage of our Partnership Graduated Response and it is expected that schools have accessed support as outlined above before requesting a place. All Partnership places are discussed at the termly Allocations Panel.


Please do look through the documents below which signpost how to access our support including any training requests. We look forward to working with you.


Partnership Team


Nicola Anstice – Assistant Head SEMH and Partnership

Annabel Lennox – SEMH Advisory Teacher

Georgina Collins – SEMH Advisory HLTA

Amanda Jones – Certified Play Therapist and PFSA

Ali Keirle – Senior Practitioner – Adolescent Support Team (Team 4)


Valence Similien - Adolescent Support Worker (Team 4)

Leanne Clarke - Adolescent Support Worker (Team 4)

John Ray – Adolescent Support Worker (Team 4)