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Education Wellbeing Partnership

The Education Wellbeing Partnership is a community of professionals with schools at its core. It is the wrap around support available for all schools in our local area.  Its aims are early intervention before escalation to social care, CAMHS, medical consultants or special schools. 


The Education Wellbeing Partnership is being developed locally alongside the Trailblazer project.  This project means that mental health practitioners will be based in the PRU as part of the partnership/outreach team.  Their role will be to augment the team and provide whole school and 1:1 support. 


Key to supporting all students access the correct education provision and services is a clearly documented graduated response.  This can be shown by using the windscreen model below.

Schools provide universal support; this is detailed in the universal local offer and the first stage of the graduated response.


Taunton Deane Partnership College offer a triage service to support at this early stage.  Our SEMH advisory teacher leads the team and there will be input from the mental health practitioners who are part of the Trailblazer project.  Triage will be available to take phone calls, visit schools and they will also be overseeing things like exclusions.  The team will be able to offer advice and information to support schools. 


If it is felt that further support is needed than can be offered by the triage service– see graduated response document - then the next stage is to take that young person to Team Around the School.  At TAS a range of professionals will be able to offer support, advice and information.  In addition to the professionals who already attend TAS, there will also be a representative from the Partnership Team at TDPC and a member of the Trailblazer Team.  They will be able to offer support, but they may well suggest that a referral should be put into TDPC to request partnership work – see attached provision map.  The completed referral form (see TDPC website) will then be taken to our internal partnership meeting to discuss.  A lead will be allocated depending on the need and contact with school will be made to visit and set up a Partnership Agreement Plan. 


The student should now be in the targeted area of the windscreen model, accessing support in school from the TDPC Partnership Team.


This layer of targeted support will be overseen by the Partnership Board who will meet termly (6 x per year) Head Teachers, the Trailblazer Lead and the TAS Coordinator will sit on the Partnership Board.  They will have an oversight of the outreach work that is taking place and those on roll at TDPC.  This means that they can ensure that there is a parity of use of resource, and that projects are decided based on local need.  Any students across the area who are still causing concern, where schools have exhausted the support as detailed above, through school-based interventions and PRU outreach support, will also be raised at this meeting.  Here it will be decided whether it is appropriate to look at whether a place at one of the TDPC centres may be appropriate (see provision map).  Heads will be able to bring these students to this meeting.


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