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Early Reading

One of the biggest barriers for our pupils, is the ability to read. As so many of them have become disengaged due to the fear of failure, creating a new love of reading is incredibly important to us. This is implemented throughout the curriculum as well as a dedicated reading slot each day where each pupil reads individually with an adult. They are also given the opportunity to explore a book of their choice from the school library. For those working through their phonic levels, an appropriate levelled book from the Twinkl ‘Rhino Readers’, is used to ensure consistency. If a pupil is a free reader, a book chosen from the library or home is used in place of the Rhino Reader material.

Both our curriculum approaches have a class text, students are able to enjoy a story being read to them throughout the week. This is followed up by comprehension questions to help better assess pupil understanding.

The Salford Sentence Reading and Comprehension Test is used to formally assess our pupils on both their reading ability and comprehension.