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Welcome to the website of Taunton Deane Partnership College (TDPC)
We established Taunton Deane Partnership College in Sept 2013 and we are working towards developing a high quality service that includes provision and services to children and young people in our area and partner schools.
We take the needs of every vulnerable child and young person in our area very seriously and will work hard to ensure that no child or young person is left behind or forgotten.


Vision and Values
We will work to the best of our abilities to ensure our children and young people are:
Architects of their futures
Resilient, healthy and secure
Able to access a high quality education
Supported holistically
Therefore we believe:
Young people have the resilience and capability to be the architects of their futures
Every young person should be healthy, secure and supported holistically to maximise their educational life chances
Our staff should work within a professional learning community and partnership to secure the capacity for sustainable progress
High quality learning should be accessible and the plans our young people have are appropriately supported
Kim Lawrence
Taunton Deane Partnership College