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Ocean Class


The Ocean class curriculum is a play-based approach to learning which enables students to develop a sense of security in the school environment, which is comprehensible and meaningful to them. The curriculum acknowledges what learners can do by supporting and developing their strengths and abilities.  The curriculum focuses on developing the learner’s understanding both of the world around them, and of social interactions and relationships. It values the process as much as the achievement and it is flexible in order to be responsive to the needs of the individual learner.  All students will be given maximum opportunities to achieve the highest level of independence possible. It gives teachers the opportunity to support student’s strengths and fill their gaps, whilst using the best approach to their learning style. The curriculum topic content allows students to access a personalised curriculum, structured around their learning style.  As there is a changing and younger cohort accessing DDC, we are developing a play-based curriculum to more appropriately meet the needs of more complex KS1 and KS2 students.


Each term, a new topic is introduced (Appendix A), this is then discussed with pupils who help build the curriculum with their teacher to ensure engagement and everyone feels valued and included in their learning journey. Helping build independence and resilience for future adventures.