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Taunton Deane Partnership College                            English Yearly Overview 2023/2024 

Key Stage 3-4 


English is fundamental in education and society, our aim is to ensure that all pupils are equipped for the demands of further education, adulthood and the world of work. Our ethos, therefore, is for all pupils to be able to speak, read and write with fluency and imagination so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions in a clear and coherent manner. Pupils should complete Key Stage 3 having the necessary skills for success at GCSE and having established a solid foundation of knowledge that will contribute towards a more seamless transition to our Key Stage 4 curriculum. 



To foster an enjoyment and curiosity of the subject using a variety of interesting texts to engage and interest our pupils. The impact on our pupils is clear progress, sustained learning and transferable skills. Pupils work is consistently marked across TDPC and end of term assessments are used to show pupil progress. Pupils gaining a result at GCSE level which enables them to access further education or work.  



KS4 pupils are taught by subject specialists. Most pupils are entered for English Language GCSE and some are entered for English Literature GCSE. KS3 pupils are taught the necessary skills to prepare them for GCSE. We acknowledge that our cohort of pupils at TDPC have had disrupted learning and are unable to access learning. We are ambitious for all our pupils to access learning so lessons are planned to include those who will need more scaffolding and others who require a greater challenge. In order to achieve our ambitions, we use differentiated questioning and resources as well as creating individual learning programmes for those who will benefit from additional support.  




Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

English KS3 

Baseline Assessments 


Creative Writing, figurative language, show not tell. Punctuation and sentence structures. 



Literature Introduction to poetry 

A selection of poems from the Edexcel Conflict cluster. Analysis, form, structure, tone, language, context 



Victorian text extracts. 

Context Victorian England. Analysis of structure, language and settings. 


Blood Brothers, Willy Russell. Read, explore key ideas, context, themes, characters, language and structure of a play 



Language    AO1 Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas 

Understanding the Audience and purpose of a text 


Introduction to Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre 

Context, Elizabethan England 

Explore Shakespeare’s villains 


Non-Fiction Extracts Anne Frank. Analysis: biographical writing, emotive language, structure 

English KS4 


Baseline Assessments 


Creative Writing 


Literature- Introduction to Conflict and the Edexcel cluster of Conflict Poems. Analysis: form, structure, tone, language, context.  



A03 Understanding the writer’s perspective 

AO1 Comparing texts 




A Christmas Carol. 

Read, explore key ideas, context, themes, characters, language and structure 


Language  Transactional writing 

AO5 Communicate clearly, effectively and imaginatively, selecting and adapting tone, style and register for different forms, purposes and audiences. Organise information and ideas, using structural and grammatical features to support coherence and cohesion of texts 



Blood Brothers Read, explore key ideas, context, themes, characters, language and structure 


Transactional writing continued 


AO1 Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas 

AO2 To analyse the effect of language and structure 

AO4 To explore the writers techniques/evaluate texts critically using textual references 


Understanding the exam paper questioning 

Revision and mock exams 



Revisit Shakespeare’s Macbeth. 

Context Elizabethan England Analysis: characters, features of a play, setting. 

Year 11s Revision/past papers for GCSE’s  


Remainder of  Edexcel Conflict cluster poems. Analysis; form, structure, tone and language.